Services We Provide

We offer warranty service, Appliance Service, Sight Surveys, Free Proposals, and Culture Stone.  Also, we have good relationships with contractors who can install stoves, chimney sweep, clean, reline and seal chimneys and other hearth services.

Our mission at McVety’s is to give our Customers total confidence that their purchase of a stove or fireplace unit has been safely installed and will last a lifetime. Our service provides highly experienced and licensed technicians to ensure that the installation of a stove or fireplace in your home strictly adheres to the manufacturer’s specifications and meets all applicable regulations and building codes required by the State of Maine and local municipalities.

The National Fireplace Institute (NFI) certifies individuals who have demonstrated the required knowledge and expertise needed to properly plan and safely install heating appliances and venting systems. In advance of installing a new heating appliance in your home, we highly recommends that you confirm the installation will be reviewed by an NFI Certified Technician and that all installation technicians have a valid gas license from the State of Maine.